What is the Bali Food Forest?

A ‘food forest’ is exactly like the name implies – a forest of food, and it should mimic a natural forest which has various ‘layers’ and is self-regulating, but the difference being, most of the plants within the food forest produce food or useful materials for us! And is more sustainable because using less water, land and fertilizer.

About us

Bali Food Forest is a company founded in 2021, who develops products with 100% natural ingredients from Food Forests. In doing so connecting local befriended organic farmers and body, mind and soul aware consumers.

We daily see farmers spraying lots of pesticides on their crops. In fact, many of these farmers are the suppliers for main markets and their products contain unhealthy chemicals. These chemicals are not good for our body and polluting the environment we live in as well.

By interviewing local farmers we learned that the cost is their main problem. For them, it is much faster to boost the crops with pesticide, so they get more profit. Growing organic products is more work and is valued at the same price as non-organics.

Our passion is to be a bridge between the farmers and consumers. And at the same time taking care of the earth by encouraging local befriended farmers to “get back” to the traditional organic farming system.

Covid-19 created more awareness of how important healthy food is. During the lockdown when Marjan already had her The Organic Farm Bali for over 10 years and Adinda, who was the founder of The Organic Farm Bali Foundation -now studying psychology at university- used this moment to develop new products together with organic farmers. This way we hope to inspire local farmers to change into organics.