We are interested in the REVITALIZATION OF AGRICULTURE in the context of Balinese cultural heritage following the principles of “Tri Hita Karana” (harmony among people, spirit, nature and environment). This has immense sustainable benefits for Bali.

We believe that the real challenge is to create the right incentives so that agriculture is not abandoned, but economically integrated into the itineraries of the tourism trade. It offers technical and financial assistance to farmers who are willing to implement a wide array of organic/Bali Food Forest practices. By doing so, traditional forms of sustainable farming on healthy soil can be reinstated.

We celebrate the international trend towards healthy food, lifestyle and fair trade. The global market for sustainable products is, at the same time, globally growing exponentially.

Bali Food Forest Recycling Program

Bali Food Forest invites you to participate in its recycling program. Keeping your body, mind and soul fit is necessary, but no less important is taking care of the planet we live on. While you are in Bali, you can return your empty cans to us for recycling and we will give you 1 free product (Jamu or scrub powder) for 10 returned cans.

Farmers we know and trust

Meet Meilanie, a young Balinese student. On this video, she explained why her family returned their farm to organic farming.