From Farmers to You!

Bali Food Forest products are made from 100% natural ingredients we collect from food forests. We co-work with local farmers that we know in person to develop the products.

The Jamu Cooking Class by The Organic Farm Bali

Jamu (traditional spelling ‘djamu’) is a centuries-old herbal medicine made from 100% natural ingredients. It is officially recognized as part of Indonesia’s cultural heritage.


10.30 am

We will welcome you to The Organic Farm Bali with locally grown organic tea or coffee.

11.00 am

Time to work! Whilst walking the farm to collect your ingredients, the team will love to share their knowledge about all local produce with you.

11.30 am

Hands on! Making your own Jamu.

12.00 pm

Make your wood fire and cook all ingredients on a traditional stove.

12.30 pm

Your Jamu will be ready to taste!

Melukat: Balinese Purification

Try our combo of coffee scrub and traditional Balinese cleansing to treat body and soul!

The Balinese Melukat Ceremony ritually cleanses and purifies the body, mind and spirit to bring good fortune. While sprinkling holy water over the participants, the priest leads the prayer and meditation process. This is an authentic, ancient and sacred ritual that is an important part of Balinese people’s lives. Afterwards, you will be given a can of organic scrub as a memory of the ceremony.

Guests arrive at the crystal clear mountain river wearing their swimwear.
The priest leads the prayer and Melukat procession. Here you will shower under the fountain.
Put on a sarong prepared by the priest. The priest will sprinkle the holy water & rice on you,
close the ceremony with a prayer and give you                       a Balinese protection bracelet.
The driver will bring you back to your place.

Price per person: 300.000 Idr ++ (10% service & 11% tax)

Includes: Gift of 1 can of Bali Food Forest organic scrub powder, offerings, sarungs and selendangs (sash). 

Minimum 4 and maximum 10 persons.

Please email, text or call us in advance with your reservations.